Audition Tips:

I could do a million and one posts about how to go about auditioning because it’s an art for in and of its self. But here are a few tips to start you out if you’re new to the audition process or to keep in mind if you audition frequently.

  1. Be prepared. I cannot stress this one enough! Anyone who has ever auditioned before knows that walking into a room whether you are auditioning in front of everyone or simply the director and/or casing director that it’s incredibly nerve-wracking. You have to just let go and leave everything you have right there. However, if you aren’t prepared, those nerved multiply a thousand-fold. Which can lead to a lot of problems.
  2. Pick material you are comfortable with. Nothing is worse than doing a monologue or singing a song that is out of your range emotionally or physically. Not only will your audition suffer, but you will not communicate your strengths as well as you could. The best solution for this is to have a small collection of monologues you have memorized and prepared prior to your audition. What monologues you will need I will address in a later post.
  3. Don’t hold back. They say that in the first 60 seconds is how long it takes for a casting director to come to a conclusion about you. So you have 60 seconds to make an impression and make it a good one. From the moment you walk into the door, you need to take everything you have a leave it right on your mark.
  4. Be nice. to everyone. you never know who may have the ear of the director. Also, I’ve known directors to choose an actor that was their second choice but could tell that they would mesh better with the cast because they were kind.
  5. Wear comfortable clothes. Don’t dress in costume (unless the director has requested it). They was to see YOU, not a character. An audition is much more about you as an actor than it is about anything else.
  6. Be prepared to be rejected. This is the hardest to tell people because sometimes you just work really really hard and it doesn’t work out. Sometime you’ll be turned away because of your hair color, because your height doesn’t fit with another cast member’s or simply because they had an idea of what they wanted and someone else fit it a little bit better.
  7. Above all else, BE CONFIDENT. This is half the battle. And if you’re not confident: fake it.

Please take these tips and run with them. And remember to have fun with auditions! The more you audition, the better you get at it and the easier it gets. Go! Break legs!

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