Knowing Your Type.

What is a “type”?

I’m sure if you’ve ever done theatre you’re probably heard the phrase “type-cast” thrown around at some point. Usually this is mentioned when a director casts a show based on each person’s type.

In a professional setting this is used to narrow down the audition pool by looks and mannerisms. Finding your type takes a little bit of research. To find your type you should look at actors in shows, especially Broadway shows, and see who you resemble in physicality, voice, and where you fit in shows. Are you a leading soprano? Are you a sassy or sexy alto? Are you the engenue? The best friend?

Knowing your type will help you decide what auditions you should go to or parts to audition for.

For exmple, if you are a thin whispy young girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes, and an excellent high C, you are more likely to be cast as Johanna in “Sweeny Todd” Than you are Tracy in “Hairspray”.

Here is a nice song from youtube to help illustrate my point.

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