Musical Auditions Preparation

The most important thing you need for  a musical audition is a musical audition notebook. This is a small 1-1 1/2 in. notebook , black or white that holds everything you need for a musical audition.

Audition Book

What to have in your notebook:

  1. Several copies of your theatre resume. Make sure you keep extra of these in the outside sleeves just in case you need more than the amount asked for. You can never have too many copies. Just make sure you don’t keep them in there all the time of the edges will get frayed.
  2. Sheet music for your audition. This is the most important so you have music to give to the accompanist. There are a lot of categories for the genres of music you should have in your notebook, which I will address in later posts because there are a LOT of them.
  3. Sheet protectors for your music. The idea for this is to keep your music clean and easy to turn. Tip: When putting your music into your notebook make sure to limit the amount of page turns for a song. Because the more the pianist has to turn a page the more chances they have to mess up while you are singing.

Your notebook is your notebook and it is open for interpretation.

Further Reading:

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  1. Thank you for the reference to our post! Love the tip about limiting page turns. Don’t forget you’ll also need a headshot with your resume. ; )

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