The “Do Not Sing List”.

When auditioning for professional acting jobs there is an unspoken list of songs you should not sing as auditions. This is referred to as the “Do Not Sing List”.

Now before you hear these songs and get upset, I will tell you that community theatre is very different and at many theatres you could audition with “Gimme Gimme” or “On my Own” and be totally fine and get the part you’d like. (though I still don’t recommend it unless you can A. sing it in the key it is written in and B. you knock it out of the park. But even then some directors will still not like, so use your judgement.)

Most of these are just on the list because directors have heard them time and time again and they are likely theatre patrons themselves so they’ve heard Idina Menzel sing “Defying Gravity” and Sutton Foster sing “Gimme Gimme!” so unless you can sing it better than them, it’s best to just stay away.


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