What is an actor’s bio?

In this blog post, Hannah describes how to write your bios, what to put in them, why you write them. Yes I’m aware of how off-putting the third person writing can be when you’re not reading a playbill. But if you enjoy talking about yourself in third person, here is your time to shine!

Usually you include your name, character, what school you are in if you are in school or your education in theatre, previous role you have played, and any special skills. And at the end you can throw in some personal “Thank you”s and something you want to say to the audience.

Here is a bio I wrote for my latest show, Leading Ladies:

Hannah Swayze (Meg) – is so excited to be returning to the JCCT stage! Her recent roles include Peggy in Come Blow Your Horn, Ashley in the independent film Ghostland Boys, and Beatrice in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Hannah is a junior at ETSU studying journalism and theatre but has been performing since before she can even remember. She would like to thank her director, Josh, for giving her the opportunity to work with this killer cast and to her friends and family for their never-ending faith in her.

Now obviously if you are a professional actor, your credentials will look a little different and this in just a template. It’s like making a good chili: some people like a little spice, some don’t. Feel free to mix it up and make it your own! And remember that there is no one way to write a bio.

When it shows up in the program, this is what it may look like:


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