State of Affairs kicks off in downtown Kingsport

The lights of the old marquee are glowing again for the first time in decades. The old building is once again serving the city as a gathering place for artists and their audiences.

State of Affairs is a variety show where local artists come to perform outside under the Marquee of the old theater in downtown Kingsport. The performances are to draw attention to the State Theater Project.

Among the performances were spoken-words poets, local musicians and even a painter.


Westley Harris and Zach Ross (also members of A Great Disaster) were two musicians who had the crowd up on their feet.

The State Theater in Downtown Kingsport opened in 1936 as a movie house and has been through many changes throughout the years. The theater closed down in the summer of 1977.

Today, the building is owned by Urban Synergy, a company that focuses on revitalizing downtown areas.

However, the driving force behind this restoration is a group of three friends from Kingsport: Zach Starnes, Cameron Hite, and Josh Holley.



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(Left to Right) Josh Holley, Cameron Hite, and Zach Starnes thank the audience for coming out to support their project.

The three, recently moved back in from Nashville and Knoxville, have returned to their hometown to revitalize this historic building. They are currently fundraising for the project and hope to have the theater reopened in 2017.

It will be a multi-purpose venue for music, independent films, and a non-profit professional theater company.



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