Kingsport Theatre Guild begins fundraising for new season

The Kingsport Theatre Guild has announced via it’s Facebook page, the beginning of its fundraising campaign for the theater’s 2016-2017 season.

The YouCaring account allows members of the community to donate online instead of sending out letters or coming to donate in-person. This a new method adopted for this season’s fundraising.

“We at KTG believe in promoting growth and education, offering encouragement and hope, building self-esteem and engaging the minds of not only the actors, directors and crew, but also the community in which we are based,” reads the fundraiser’s description.

Housed in a community center in the middle of Kingsport, The Renaissance Center, Kingsport Theatre Guild will be commencing upon its 69th year of  producing plays.

However, the page has 83 shares on social media and only raised $50 so far.

The upcoming season consists of eight Main Stage shows and five of a newly-added feature to the Guild called the KTG: Downtown Series.

The downtown series has been popular since it began last year. The shows only run for one weekend, but are geared toward more mature audiences. However, one could argue that the appeal is the collaboration with the downtown businesses. Instead of using a traditional theater space, the Downtown Series uses business’s spaces.

Downtown spaces used in the past are the Kingsport Higher Education Center and Shabby Allie’s Boutique and Catering at The Vintage Market.

The goal is an ambitious $50,000 but to run a quality theatre, a lot of money is required.

According to the account, the budget is not only for shows, but for workshops throughout the year and school performances and education add-ons for the shows and the students who come to see the shows.

The shows for the upcoming season have yet to be announced.

Kingsport Theatre Guild Website

Donation Page


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