Local Actress raises funds for “Hairspray Live!” audition.


When NBC announced an open call for the lead in their production of “Hairspray Live!” Faith Rader was bombarded by Facebook messages telling her about the audition. The call is open to anyone and is for the lead role of the network’s live broadcast of the musical “Hairspray.”

The auditions are for the lead role, Tracy Turnblad, which Rader has had the opportunity to

faith as tracy

Rader as Tracy at Jonesborough Repertory Theatre. (Photo Credit: Robin Denton)

portray twice onstage, once as the matinee showings and swing at Encore Theatrical and then full-time at Jonesborough Repertory Theatre.

An open call is a particularly big deal because it means that the auditions are open to anyone who gets there early enough.

At first Rader just brushed the idea off. The auditions are in New York City, far from her Greenville home. Not to mention the production she is currently involved in, Tennessee Williams’ “The Glass Menagerie” closes on April 23, the night before she would have to be in New York City for the audition.

On Wednesday, March 30, Rader took a chance and started a GoFundMe account and by Thursday night raised over $800 of her $1,000 goal.

“Let’s live life to the fullest and grab each and every opportunity of advancement on the journey to achieve our dreams.” wrote Rader on her GoFundMe page.

Three weeks later, she has received $1,700 and booked her flights and hotel rooms and even found an understudy for her role in “The Glass Menagerie” for the last weekend.

Previous live musicals produced by NBC include “The Sound of Music,” and “The Wiz! Live.”


To donate: https://www.gofundme.com/lookatmyhair

For more information on the auditions for the NBC production, click here.





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