Theater in the summer: Part 1

Summer is a time of farmer’s markets, blistering heat, bathing suits and sundresses. Students look forward to the break from school and for long days and warm nights.

This is not the summer of a thespian.

For those of us involved in theater, summer only means one thing: summer stock.

Summer stock theaters are theaters who only operate during the summer months, many of them outdoors.

Here in the tri-cities, there are a few shows to look forward to this summer.

Kingsport Theatre Guild:

High School Musical: On Stage!

How could anyone ever forget that first scene of the first “High School Musical” movie where Gabriella and Troy don’t sing, but their at a ski lodge on winter break and are both pulled on stage to sing a song neither one of them knows? The song is very heavy foreshadowing, but is probably one of the best songs in the whole show.

This show is so fun and is all about defying stereotypes and has an ultimately noble message for this family-friendly show.

After a successful run of “13 the Musical,” the Kingsport Theatre Guild is continuing with a theme catering to teens and young adults. This show is exactly what you think it is, the stage version of possibly one of the most popular Disney Channel original movie franchise. It is every bit as fun as the movie.

Audition information and show dates.



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